Teachings on “Spiritual War”

Plagues on All the Egyptian gods

Yahweh multiplied plagues in Exodus so that He could target all the areas of the Egyptian gods’ “power,” to prove they were false and futile (12:12). This essay details the Egyptians’ idolatrous superstitions behind the specific plagues, so that we can better appreciate the victory of the sovereign Yahweh in the book of Exodus.

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Daniel 10: God-given Revelation
of the Heavenly/Earthly War

Who is this God-like figure who appeared to Daniel? What is this heirarchy of angels and demons? What do we do with this revelation that angelic war affects earthly rulers and that prayers can be heard and yet answers delayed? A Sunday School teaching to worship God the Son and trust His sovereign goodness.

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LIght Shines in the Darkness:
Scripture Interpreting the Spiritual Drama
of Genesis 1:2-3

As a supplement to The Basics and The Kingdom of God, this booklet details the Scriptures which led us to believe Genesis 1:2 records the result of judgment upon Satan and his rebellious angels when God cast them to the earth. We do not espouse the Gap Theory, but restoring the context of judgment in Genesis 1:2 restores the continuity of God’s mission from Genesis to Revelation.

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