Teachings on “Prayer”

Justice Cry – Invitation

Justice Cry was a bi-monthly prayer meeting in El Dorado, KS, in 2013 for the unborn, the unfree, the unsafe, and the unsaved.

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The Model Prayer:
Jesus Said, “Be Praying In This Manner”

We do not have to wonder what words to pray – Jesus taught us how to pray. This booklet unpacks the meaning of each phrase and models the model prayer.

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Daniel 10: God-given Revelation
of the Heavenly/Earthly War

Who is this God-like figure who appeared to Daniel? What is this heirarchy of angels and demons? What do we do with this revelation that angelic war affects earthly rulers and that prayers can be heard and yet answers delayed? A Sunday School teaching to worship God the Son and trust His sovereign goodness.

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