Teachings on “Joy”

The Fear of Yahweh

We are always in danger of becoming too casual with God. The "fear of the LORD" isn't just an OT theme; it pervades the NT, as well. It's not just for unbelievers; the gift of the New Covenant is that God puts it in the heart of believers. So, what is it?

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The Present Profitability of Piety

Moralism gives commands without contextualizing them in the Biblical problem with commands, the Biblical motivation to obey commands, and the Biblical power to obey commands. But true piety is possible and pleasurable (1 Tim. 4:6-16).

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Delight in the Lord, Who Is Our Exceeding Joy

An impromptu sermon at New Life Equipping Ministry in El Dorado, KS, while Sam was at the hospital with Amy delivering baby Joshua. Joy is an apostolic priority (e.g., Phil. 1:25) because the Triune God is joyful and created us in His image to find exceeding joy in Him. In fact, Christ became a Man and died for joy. Therefore, the path to the fullest joy now and in eternity is being a disciple who abides in Jesus Christ and in His words, obeying and bearing fruit for God's glory.

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