Teachings on “Disciple”

Introduction to Disciple-making:
Obeying the Global Mandate of the Resurrected King Jesus

This booklet begins with the demand of Jesus for all to be His disciples. Then Part One shows the theological foundation of the Great Commission, surveying its prophetic roots from Genesis to Revelation and expositing Matthew 28:18-20. Part Two provides practical counsel based on Jesus' example.

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Spirit, Soul, Body:
The Blueprint of Man in the Image of God

Man’s current condition is not as it should be. God, in perfect wisdom, created Man in His Image with a delicate balance: spirit, soul, and body. When Adam ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the species changed. May we come into divine order with all three parts functioning as God determined. May we become spiritual disciples.

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Spiritual Gifts:
Discovering Graces and Partnering to Manifest the Fullness of Christ

Spiritual gifts are part of the core of our identities and the basis for our ministries. Jesus is building a gift-driven Church.

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