Teachings on “Bible”

The Case against “John 7:53-8:11”

“The evidence for the non-Johannine origin of the pericope of the adulteress is overwhelming” (Metzger, 187). Therefore, we should not consider this section (7:53-8:11) to be God-breathed Scripture, nor base any doctrines or practices upon it. But we should gain confidence in the ability of NT scholars to clearly detect an addition like this and preserve the original truth.

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Introduction to the Old Testament

What is the Old Testament? The OT is the history of God’s self-revelation and interaction with people He chose in order to glorify Himself by establishing His Kingdom on earth through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Why Trust the Bible?
Revised and Condensed

Faith in Jesus Christ hinges upon reliable accounts of historical events (1 Cor. 15:14-20). This booklet's facts support what our hearts believe: Jesus is a Man who really lived, who really claimed to be the Son of God, and who really died and rose back to life to prove it is true.

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