Teachings in “VCS Chapel”

For Good Works

Part Two of the 2018-19 Opening Chapels at Veritas. Ephesians 2 teaches clearly that we are not saved "by" our good works, but we are saved "for" good works. If you think you're saved by your good works, you won't be – because you're not trusting in Christ's work, but yours. But if you know you are saved by grace through faith and that you're a new creation in Christ, then you'll be zealous for good works (Titus 2:11-14).

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His Workmanship

2018-19 Opening Chapel at Veritas Christian School in Lawrence, KS. This year's theme verse (Eph. 2:10) teaches in context that we were dead in transgressions, so it is impossible that we would be saved by our good works. No, our spiritual life is God's work, by grace, through the Gospel of Christ crucified, raised, and reigning. Do you have faith? Do you trust Christ alone for salvation? Do you treasure Him above all this world has to offer?

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The Fear of Yahweh

We are always in danger of becoming too casual with God. The "fear of the LORD" isn't just an OT theme; it pervades the NT, as well. It's not just for unbelievers; the gift of the New Covenant is that God puts it in the heart of believers. So, what is it?

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