Spencer Stewart

The Lord began staking claim on Spencer from a young age, but it wasn’t until high school that he began to believe with the repentant and submitted faith of a disciple of Jesus. The Spirit’s grace-gift of teaching immediately manifested in Spencer’s desire to study the Scriptures and share them with everyone.

After his well-intentioned attempts (he would now say “foolish attempts”) to become a basketball star, rock star, and business mogul, the Spirit has constrained him to one foolish task: teaching the glory of God in the preeminence of Christ for the joy of all peoples. Spencer served through New Life Equipping Ministry in El Dorado, KS, from 2003 to 2013. Many of his sermons, teachings, and booklets from those days are available free and searchable on this site.

In 2013 he joined Veritas Christian School in Lawrence, KS, to teach seventh through twelfth grade Bible classes and New Testament Greek. His first two books in The Preeminence of Christ series were published in 2017 (available free here).

Spencer and the bride of his youth, Amber, have been graced with three glorious children.

Questions/comments are welcomed. Send to comment at ProjectOne28 dot com.

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